Do you stock any standard sizes?
No, all of our products are made to size – to fit each of your door openings perfectly.

How do I measure?
The only dimensions you need are the desired glass door width and height of barn door(s). For single barn doors, we recommend overlapping your doorway opening by ordering a panel 4in wider than your opening, which provides a 2in overlap on each side of the doorway opening. For double barn doors, we also recommend overlapping your doorway opening by 4in (2in on each side) by ordering each panel 2in wider than 1/2 of your opening ie - 50in wide door panels for a 96in Opening Width (96in/2panels + 2in overlap = 50in ea panel.)
For the panel height, we recommend ordering a panel 1/2in taller than your opening. You may reference the detailed dimensions drawing for recommended dimensions such as size overlap for your doorway opening, floor clearance, etc.

What is included in my order?
We manufacture complete barn door systems. You will receive your glass door panel made to your size as well as all track, roller wheels, handles, and hardware to complete your installation for operation of your barn door system.

How long does it take to get my doors?
Production time to manufacture your glass door system is listed on each product page. Shipping time is additional and can range from 1-6 business days, depending on your geographic location relative to our factory. All orders ship from our factory in Los Angeles, CA.

Do you ship anywhere?
We ship to the 48 contiguous states.

How is my order shipped/packaged?
Your order is packaged safely and sealed into a shipping crate for the best protection during transit and shipped via our trusted freight carriers.

What type of shipping is offered?
We offer free curbside delivery by our trusted freight carriers. Please note that the driver will not leave the truck to deliver inside. So if you need extra people to help unload into your residence or building, you should have them available on delivery day.
Free Shipping is available for all orders in the continental United States. Islands, remote regions and areas where traditional deliveries are difficult or impossible are excluded. If the delivery location is too difficult or unsafe for a large delivery truck to reach (narrow driveways, tight turns, impossible for a large truck to back out, inaccessible, etc.), it is the customer's responsibility to pick the freight up at the local delivery terminal or accepting the freight from the farthest point the driver can safely reach (beginning of difficult driveway, for instance.)

Will I be contacted before delivery?
Yes. Our freight carrier will call you once receiving your shipment in their local terminal to set up a delivery appointment at your convenience.

What if my doors are damaged or broken during transit?
Although this is rare due to the hefty packaging we provide for our products, have no worries – we will replace them right away for you. If your freight looks damaged upon delivery, make a note on the delivery receipt and receive the package anyway. We will need you to take photos showing the damaged product and send them to us so we can replace them for you as soon as possible.